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The Difference Between Ordinary Lens and Infrared Lens

Dec. 25, 2020

Many friends are wondering about this question: Why are lenses with the same focal length divided into Ordinary Lenses and infrared lenses? What is the difference between ordinary lens and infrared lens?

Next, we will briefly explain the difference between the two for everyone:

First, they have different uses:

In a surveillance environment that does not require infrared light assistance, ordinary lenses can be used; in a surveillance environment with infrared light assistance, if you want to have a more ideal monitoring effect, you must use an Infrared Lens; of course, you can also use ordinary lenses with infrared assistance. I can see the picture, but the picture will become blurred. I believe everyone knows this.

Infrared Lens

Infrared Lens

Second, the prices of the two are different:

The price of professional infrared lens is several times that of ordinary lens. Why? Because the infrared lens is clear during the day and night, the effect is good and naturally more expensive.

Finally, let’s talk about the reason for the big difference in performance and price:

Since the refractive index of glass is different for light of different wavelengths, the position of the focus point will be different. At present, ordinary lenses on the market can gather light with a wavelength difference of about 250nm on the same plane, that is, 430~650nm or 650~ The light in the 900nm range can be focused successfully and present a clear image. This is why the ordinary lens is clear during the day and the night vision is blurred, or the night vision is clear and blurred during the day.

The professional infrared lens uses special lenses, which can gather light from 430~900nm or even longer wavelengths on the same plane, so the vision is clear regardless of day or night. Because the lens material is special, the cost is naturally high.

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