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MgF2 Window & Lens

Product Details

Magnesium Fluoride crystal is used as a lens, prism and window for wavelength from 110nm to 7.5μm. It is a most suitable material as window for ArF Excimer Laser, for the reason of its good transmission at 193nm. It is also effective as an, optical polarizing element in the ultraviolet region. Any more MgF2 crystal has fine grain, which is appropriate as a vacuum evaporation coating materials.


Opticreate provides high precision MgF2 windows and lense.

Diameter tolerance+0.0/-0.05mm
Focal length tolerance±2%(for lens)
Centration≤0.01mm(high precision 0.005mm)
Surface Quality20-10
Bevel0.25 mm × 45°
CoatingAR Coating