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Achromatic Doublets

Product Details

Achromatic Lenses are used to minimize or eliminate chromatic aberration. The achromatic design also helps to minimize spherical aberrations. Achromatic Lenses are suitable for a range of applications, including fluorescence microscopy, image relay, inspection, or spectroscopy. An Achromatic Lens, which is often designed by either cementing two elements together or mounting the two elements in a housing, creates smaller spot sizes than single lenses. Opticreate provides achromatic positive bonding lenses with anti-reflection coating (suitable for ultraviolet, visible or infrared light).


MaterialBK7, Fused silica, SF5,SF10 ect.
Design wavelength480, 546.1, 643.8nm
Diameter tolerance+0.0/-0.1mm
Focal length tolerance±2%
Irregularityλ/4 @ 632.8nm
Surface Quality40/20
Bevel0.25 mm × 45°
CoatingAR coating(Could be customized)