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Metal coating

Product Details

Opticreate provides high-performance coatings according to customers’ requirements, includes AR Coating, Dielectric Coating, Metallic Coating, ITO Coating, DLC coating etc. The wavelength range covers from UV to IR.

The Metal coating has good toughness and strength, and adaptability to the environment. Aluminum coating is commonly used in ultraviolet area, aluminum /silver coating is used in visible light area and gold/silver coating is used in infrared area.

MaterialBK7, Fused Silica,ZnSe etc.
Product typeAl coating:R(ave)>90%@λ>200nm
Ag coating:  R(ave)>94%@λ>400nm
Au coating:  R(ave)>97%@λ>650nm
Angle of incidence0deg.45deg.(Can be customized)
Clear Aperture>90%
Surface Quality40-20