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Optical Coating

Product Details

Opticreate provides high-performance coatings according to customers’ requirements, the technicians use Macleod, TFCalc to assure the coating products’ quality and performance. We also equipped with spectrophotometer to test the spectrum of the coating products.


Coating capabilities include:

* Single layer MgF2 coating(normally on lens)

* Single wavelength AR coating

* Broadband anti-reflection

* High Reflection Dielectric Coating

* Metalic Coating(Al, Ag, Au)

* ITO Coating

* DLC Coating

* Beamsplitter Coating(On prism or plate)

Wavelength range from UV, visible, mid-IR to far IR

Substrate materials including optical glass, fused silica, sapphire,Si,Ge,ZnSe,CaF2 etc.