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ZnSe Window & Lens

Product Details

ZnSe is a kind of popular infrared material. Its optical bandwidth can be 0.6-20 μ m. Its absorption in infrared light is low, and can also pass visible light. ZnSe is mainly used in infrared detector and laser systems.

Opticreate produces high-precision ZnSe window and lens, could do AR coating,HR coating and Beamsplitter coating according to customers' requirements.

MaterialPVD ZnSe, CVD ZnSe
Diameter tolerance+0.0/-0.05mm
Focal length tolerance±2%(for lens)
Centration≤0.01mm(high precision 0.005mm)
Surface Quality40-20
Bevel0.25 mm × 45°
CoatingAR Coating,HR coating and Beamspiltter coating