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AR Coating

Product Details

Anti-reflection coatings are used to increase optical transmission performance and minimize ghost effects

Opticreate's AR coatings on different material are extremely precise and stable. The spectral width can be chosen from single wavelength to broadband in the UV, visible and IR spectral range.

Product typeAngle of incidenceWavelengthReflectionor Transmission
Single wavelength AR0º&45º&CustomizedUV Band193nm≤λ≤400nmR<0.3%@λ>255 nmR<1%@λ≤255nm
VIS&NIR Band400nm≤λ≤2.0μmR<0.3%
IR Band2.0μm≤λ≤20.0μmT>99.5%
Broadband ARVIS&NIR Band425-675nm;700-1100nm;850-1350nm;1050-1550nmR<0.5%
IR Band3.0-5.0μm;5.0-8.0μm;8.0-12.0μmTavg>97%