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Optical glass dome

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Optical glass dome:

Optical dome is composed of two parallel optical surfaces, normally we could control the parallel tolerance <2μm, optical dome mainly are hemisphere, hyper-hemisphere and customized designing, N-BK7 is a normal choice in visible application,the Spectral range (50% points) is from 285nm to 2800nm.is an important component in submersibles, it has wide-angle and can be protective of the deep-sea camera.The optical dome of Opticreate was produced by the optical technology of optical grinding and polishing.



1.Substrate: Visible material-------Optical glass ( N-BK7, N-BK10, WG295,N-K5,etc.)

2.Dimension: D10mm-D350mm

3. Thickness: 1mm-10mm

4. Surface Quality: 40/20

5. Surface fringe: 10(5)-3(0.5)

6. Coating: AR Coating