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Dielectric Coating

Product Details

Dielectric mirror has high reflection and high damage threshold for the specified wavelength range, for single wavelength could meet R>99.5%, and for broadband could meet Rave>99%. Dielectric mirrors are suitable for a variety of laser applications.

MaterialBK7, Fused silica,Sapphire ect.
Flatnessλ/2@633nm(Common),λ/10@633nm(High precision)
Angle of Incidence0°,45°or customized
Parallelism <3’(Common),<10’’(High precision)
Clear Aperture>90%
Surface Quality60-40(Common), 20-10(High precision)
Coating specsR>99.5%@Single wavelength,R@99%@Broadband
Featurel High damage thresholdl High reflectancel Good adhesion durability